Frankie Dettori, the world-renowned legendary Italian jockey, has established himself as a highly respected and beloved brand ambassador within the world of horse racing and beyond for many years, having represented many international household and prestige brands on the global stage.

With a sparkling career spanning decades, Frankie’s impressive sporting achievements and unbridled charisma have made him an iconic figure in the sport and beyond.

Ambassadorial Roles

As a brand ambassador, Frankie’s association with prestige brands and organisations has helped promote the sport on a global scale. His ability to articulate the thrill and beauty of horse racing, coupled with his engaging personality has drawn generations of new fans.

Frankie Dettori’s dedication to any role as a brand ambassador extends way beyond the racecourse, making him an ideal representative for your brand, company or organisation.

“Frankie Dettori is not just a jockey; he’s a superstar of the turf.”

John Francome

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